Why We Are Here

Who Are We

The Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise (KAEChP) is an interacting, interrelated, and independent collaboration of programs and services that form a multifaceted but unified whole.

The Promise

Every child and family are prepared for success as they enter kindergarten.

  What does it mean to be “prepared for success in kindergarten”? 

Our families must be connected to the basic resources necessary to have stability and hope. Our children must have access to the life and learning experiences that give context and meaning to new knowledge.           

What Do We Offer

  •  Foster quality early childhood experiences for all children and families by providing supportive partnerships and financial resources.
  •  Ensure the health and mental health of all children and families by addressing barriers to access. 
  • Create systems to support the basic needs of children and families. 
  • Engage in activities, practices, and networks to promote the efforts of the KAEChP.    

Promise Place

A "Clothing Closet" for families to receive new or gently used clothing. 

Food Needs

We work closely with our partner, Kirk Care to provide food for families and individuals.