What We Believe

Children making art projects

  • This work is urgent
  • Fulfilling “The Promise” will require community collaboration including (but not limited to): families, community members, businesses, educational institutions, faith communities, and not-for-profit foundations. 
  • Early childhood is the life period of most intensive development; focus here will have the greatest impact in eliminating the achievement/opportunity gap. 
  • Supported families are able to engage, forming unified communities. 
  • High quality early childhood programs that are informed by research are the most effective. 
  • Practices, programs, and professionals should be culturally responsive, inclusive, and accessible to all children. 
  • Investments in prevention and early intervention are the most cost-effective use of public and private funds. 
  • The coordination of programs and services across our community and agencies will result in administrative efficiencies, greater impact of services, and more convenience for families. 
  • A holistic approach to family well-being involves nutrition, health, mental health and education resources. 
  • We believe effective collaboration will require us to blur the lines between agencies, when possible, and let go of artificial territorial boundaries. 
  • By focusing locally on the Kirkwod area, we can develop a model that is scalable and that can grow to envelop our entire St. Louis metropolitan region.